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Holiday Sparkle Shade & Tray Large - Yankee

Holiday Sparkle Small Shade & Tray

Bring the beauty of Christmas into your home with a rich and colourful candle accessory from Yankee Candle, perfect for use with any of our seasonally scented Yankee Candle products. The shade and tray is for use with any large jars. It is made from frosted glass, with clear glass inlaid with small gold dots, which deflect and absorb the light from the flickering flame within, creating a beautiful scene. The Holiday Sparkle collection from Yankee Candle shines bright every Christmas, with bold reds and elegant metallic bringing together sparkling warmth, refreshing optimism, and uplifting energy. Holiday sparkle is inspired by that magical hour of sunset with a fresh take on metallic, with prominent shine complemented by rich green, blue and red tones. A mixture of finishes sit alongside each other for a tactile and contemporary look.

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